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Vendify Elementor Compatibility

Should we build Vendify with Elementor compatibility?

Woffice Headless Theme

Should we build a Woffice Headless demo based on react, working with WordPress Rest API?

Woffice Insights

Are you intrested for a Woffice dashboard to see what your resources work n?



Scheduling placeholders

Schedule a project to a placeholder employee..

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Add an extra layer of security to your login process using Two- factor Authentication (2FA).


More flexibility, drill down options, two-level grouping and more.

Task improvements

Enjoy using checklists, task descriptions, timeline view and general UX tweaks.


In progress

Eventify Theme

A new theme for Astoundify, where you can plan and organize virtual events.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication for Astoundify theme, following the rules for accepting payments.

beTheme Version 2

30 Demos, 100+ Skins, Skins Cloud. Best – Thing – Happen – to – you.

Woffice V 3.0

A major revamp on Woffice include some new features and cool things happening to it.


Recently completed

Astoundify New Addons

We have added a new list of plugins, 7 in total!

Vendify New Skin

Our theme Vendify, got a new skin and it looks really good! Included in the BF sale

Woffice Addons

The first 3 addons added to our plugins collection.

Fox Themes Aquired

We acquired a new Portfolio, Fox Themes and we are already working on 2 new themes for it.

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